Jumping Fitness

Jumping Fitness is a dynamic form of training based on performing a variety of exercises on trampolines. This class is designed to strengthen muscles, improve fitness and coordination. It is an intense cardio workout that engages many muscle groups and is aimed at people who are looking for an activity full of energy and who want to burn around 1,000 kcal.


Semester progression:


Throughout the semester, participants will improve their fitness, strength and capacity and lose weight. They will have the opportunity to get to know another form of fitness activity. Regular Jumping Fitness classes can benefit mental health by reducing stress and improving mood. During the course of the semester, participants may notice progress in their fitness and jumping skills.

Jumping Fitness classes begin with a vigorous warm-up to prepare the body for the intense workout on the trampolines. We then move on to a series of varied jumps and dynamic movements that engage the whole body. This is followed by jump combinations that create enjoyable and effective sequences. The class ends with a so-called cooldown and stretching, helping to relax the muscles and minimise the risk of injury.


Additional information:


Age group:


16+ years


Class dates:



Wednesday 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm