Classes at Hangar 646

want to learn new acro tricks?

Classes at Hangar 646

classes for kids and grown-ups alike!

Classes at Hangar 646

all-round movement classes for kids aged 3 and up!

Classes at Hangar 646

continual progress over the semester!

Classes at Hangar 646

special offer for schools and preschools!

Classes at Hangar 646

from just PLN 45 per classes!

Classes at Hangar 646

acrobatics, parkour, all-round movement classes!

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Classes in Hangar 646

Want to learn new acrobatic elements?


Physical conditioning classes

we teach by having fun!


first steps in the world of sports!


jump into the world of acrobatics!


no impediments!

Jumping Fitness

classes for adults!

Price list

  • Regular activities
    45 PLN
    per classes
  • Test activities
    49 PLN
    reservation required one day before class



Our trainers ensure that our participants perform the exercises correctly and use the attractions correctly
Obligatory non-slip socks
Instructional video before entering
Participants all the time under the guidance of the trainer
Exercises tailored to participants' skills