Summer activities

With us your vacation won't be boring!

If you don’t have plans for the vacations yet, and your child wants to spend time actively, these classes are just for them!

We are coming back to you with classes, during which participants will learn the basics of gymnastics and acrobatics in a safe way. During the classes, participants will primarily improve motor coordination, strengthen strength and endurance, and shape the correct figure.


Course of classes


Depending on the location, classes are held on trampolines, a gymnastics board, an air track or an obstacle course and are conducted under the supervision of our experienced trainers.




Duration approximately 15 minutes Static exercises, dynamic exercises and stretching.


Practical training


Duration about 2h with the use of sports and recreational infrastructure.


Strengthening training


Duration about 20 minutes. In this part, Participants focus on muscle strengthening exercises such as jackknifes, push-ups, squat jumps. At the end of the class, Participants have free time under the guidance of the lead trainer. The length of the free time is a maximum of 15 minutes.




3 lasting 5 to 10 minutes are provided. During breaks, Participants stay in the room designated for them.




At each class, refreshments are provided for Participants in the form of lemonade, unlimited water and one of the following items to choose from:

  • m&m’s cookie,
  • chocolate cake,
  • oatmeal cookie,
  • brownie,
  • nachos.




If you have additional questions about the classes or your child is a different age than the listed group, please contact us via the contact form.