Company event in hangar 646

Team building czy competition?

Company event in hangar 646

Perfect option for hanging our with the group after work!

Company event in hangar 646

Write us what you need - we will handle the rest!

Company event in hangar 646

Events from 10 to 200 people

Company event in hangar 646

Events tailored to your budget!

Company event

Hangar 646 is the perfect place for company events.
Together with qualified trainers, we will take care of your guests having a good time with us
and we will prepare everything to suit your needs.

Event scenario

We want your event to be an unforgettable experience, which is why our trainers will ensure that your guests will not be bored even for a moment!

first 30 minutes

welcoming guests
instructional video

full hour

activities on trampolines

last 30 minutes

time to chill out in one of our rooms
soft drinks and snacks

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